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Who we are And why are we worth your trust.

We are Codernity and for more than 8 years, we create, implement and deploy distributed server and financial systems and other complex applications. Applications that are powerful and rock solid.
See, why it's worth to entrust us.

Experienced team

Our team consists of people with more than 10 years of experience.

Proven tools

We use only proven and well tested solutions (you can find some of them in our Labs).

Passion, not just the job

We do what we love. That's why you can be sure, that your project will be fine in our hands.

Full technical support

We offer full technical support, and highest level of warranty services.


We regularly take part in local, national and international conferences and Python community meetings.
So far we had talks at:

  • international conference RuPy 2012 (Brno, Czech Republic),
  • PyCon PL conference (Szczyrk, Poland),
  • 4Developers conference (Warsaw, Poland),
  • several times at Kariera IT (Wroclaw, Poland),
  • local python meetings in major polish cities:
    • WrocPy (Wroclaw, Poland),
    • PyRa (Poznan, Poland),
    • Pykonik (Cracow, Poland)

We publish some of our projects and tools on Apache 2.0 license.. It allows you to use it freely in your projects. It is also prefect way to check software quality that we create in Codernity. You can find more in our Labs.

More about us

The creation

Codernity has started in April 2011 and it makes use of team experience gained also in overseas projects. We focus on designing and developing complex and sophisticated server and internet applications, successfully implemented for German, Swiss, United States and Polish markets.

We have experienced and well-knit team focused on Python and PHP world. Please take a look at our services, that we offer.

Non commercial

We publish some of our projects and tools on Apache 2.0 license in our Labs.

Our services Take a look, what we can do for you.

Outsourcing IT

We help to reduce the IT operation costs in your company, offering our tools, team and required knowledge. We take care of your hardware and software resources. We let you focus on what you do best.

Dedicated applications

We design, implement and develop dedicated applications designed to fit your exact needs. Each company has specific needs and it is usually focused on a different goal so the ready-made solutions available on the market will rarely satisfy all your requirements.

Complex web applications

We offer you applications that are web-based. The advantage of such solutions is availability of the application, completely independent from the place and time where its users are. Having such web application in your company you save the costs of the maintenance and you get the ease of expansion

Grid Computing

We focus on modern solutions. Scalability and flexibility that comes with Grid and Cloud computing allows you to access a cheap and huge computing power, that can be used in your company, for example in professional systems such as distributed computing.

Intranet and CRM

We encourage you to became familiar with our design and implementation of intranet solutions that we successfully implemented for our customers. Intranet systems offered by Codernity increase the competitiveness of your company through reducing its operating costs and improving general work flow.

Security audit

We also offer you security audits. We perform penetration tests of your systems, applications or internal networks. You get form us a guarantee of complete confidentiality and discretion.

Centennial Hall in Wrocław.

Realizations Take a look what we did for our customers.

Stadium in Wroclaw.

The best way to predict the future is to implement it.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Our clients

Since beginning of April 2011, when Codernity was formed, we worked for many different companies not only in Poland but also in Germany, Switzerland and United States. High quality of our services allowed our customers to continually supply us with the new tasks. We provide services mainly for companies from Banking sector (banks and financial companies), IT (internet service providers) and for trading companies that entrusted us IT infrastructure. For more detailed references please contact us.

List of some of our clients:
  • Sodatech AG
    (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • feel3 UG
    (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
  • Points2Shop LLC
    (Alpharetta, USA)
  • Mennica Wrocławska Sp. z o.o.
    (Wroclaw, Polska)
  • Stermedia Sp. z o.o.
    (Wroclaw, Polska)

Contact Feel free to contact us!